Hi - thanks for visiting our website!

We are a small family business which has been trading for over 20 years which specialises in products which keep you warm and those which offer natural pain relief. It is run by Heather and her daughter Julie.

Our range of soft indoor Play Shoes / Slippers for babies and toddlers have been designed and made by ourselves.  They were designed due to the frustration we felt in trying to keep our own babys' slippers on! They have proved to be one of our best sellers and we have now extended the range to fit 3 to 4 year olds.

The Pop-on Blankets again were designed because we needed a buggy blanket which we could put on and take off easily without having to undo harnesses etc. 

We have been making Microwavable Wheat Bags for over 20 years and they are great for soothing aches and pains and keeping you warm and snug.

If you have any special requests, we will always try to help - please phone 01525 718097