Microwavable Standard Wheat bag 30cm X 23cm £13.50

Microwaveable Wheat Bags - Standard Design
Our Standard Wheat Bags measure 30cm x 23cm (similar to a hot water bottle size).  This size is great for all-round use - tummy, shoulder, knees, elbows, feet.   The inner wheat bag is segmented into 3 sections to ensure even distribution of heat and it comes complete with a removable washable cover.  One side of the wheat bag is made using a soft snuggly fleece fabric and the other a 100% brushed cotton fabric.  Normally the fleece side is positioned away from the body as this helps to retain the heat longer, but it can be turned if the user prefers a more gentle heat. 
Choose from wheat or millet filling (
for more details on filling choices) available unscented or with lavender.
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