POP-ON Sleeved Buggy / Car Seat Blanket | RAINBOW

Soft Fleece Fabric
POP-ON Sleeved Buggy / Car Seat Blanket | RAINBOW
(1) Sleeve ends which turn over to enclose the hands and keep them warm.
(2) Large fold over top edge to keep baby's neck warm and snug.
(3) Front pocket with ribbon loops for visual stimulation and for clipping dummies or toys to.
(4) Inside foot pocket to keep baby's feet cosy.
(5) Can also be used as a cushion by folding the Pop-on into the foot pocket

Especially useful in spring and summer when the weather is so interchangeable as it is easy to pop on and off accordingly.

5 stars based on 1 review
from London
"I bought one of these for my little girl last year and it was simply the best! I looked everywhere for a 'baby sized slanket' and this company was the only one I could find making them. My little one was always a right little wriggle pot and wanted her arms free so tucking her into a blanket never worked - it always ended trailing the floor. It's perfect for when you don't want to put them in a coat like when making a 2 minutes drive to a friends house but when you do need to cover them up and keep them warm for the journey. Quick to whip off and on - unlike a coat! It was really well made and thought through: It has cuffs you can fold back over their hands e.g. if they fall asleep and those dribble covered hands are getting cold. It has a foot cuff so it stays on their legs. It has ribbon tags they can feel and all folds into a neat little cushion parcel when you take it off. It washes well and dries quick too. Highly recommended."
Brand Cozies
Weight 0.3kg