Pop On Blanket
Looked great and loved the design. Packaging perfect for the item delivered. Instructions clear and precise. Was lovely and soft and Lucinda enjoyed wearing this. Was very easy to put Lucinda in this in her pushchair and kept her lovely and snug and warm. I love bright colours so loved the design. Also found this very versatile. Loved the fact you had loops to secure soothers and toys, which was a great help when out. We also used this in the car, took on our holidays and found we used it at home. This kept Lucinda lovely and snug and did not restrict her movements. One Lucinda was in her blanket it was secure. I think this is a fabulous idea and good value for money. I would purchase and have already recommended as few people have asked me about this. Really enjoyed using this. Great idea for home and travels. Rachael Goodwin – Lucinda 8 Months

Looked very nice when arrived. Packaging excellent. It is a blanket so easy to work out, but instructions very good. The quality of this blanket is extremely good. The design of the blanket is a very personal choice and had a look online and they have a wide variety of designs on offer. It was easy to use in the pushchair but I found it more suitable as a snuggle blanket in the home or for the car journey. My children enjoyed using this and looked comfortable. It kept both of them warm. This did stay securely in place when used. This does deliver good value for money. I would consider purchasing this and have already recommended. A great product and very practical the dummy clips on the front are a brilliant extra. Chantel Grosse – Keisha & Lacey 2 & 3

With the weather getting colder I was on the hunt for some little slippers for Bella that would stay on and last a while. I was pleased when Cozie Warmers sent me some Tozies to review as they seemed to be just what I had been looking for.

They come in a range of styles and I picked the sweet heart design in size 9-18 months. Bella’s is 1year old and her feet are about a size 2.5-3 and they fit really well.

Every morning I pop them on Bella’s feet as she has started to wake up at 5am (YAWN) and it has been quite cold. They are great for keeping her little feet warm as they are fleecy. They are very easy to pop on -you just slide the foot in and fold over and fasten the Velcro. Usually Bella has a habit of pulling her socks off and I really wasn’t expecting her to keep the Tozies on but she does! I think it is because they are so lightweight. One of the features I really like is the grip on the bottom. Bella has started to walk toddle about with her walker and on laminate flooring she doesn’t slide about.

One morning Bella decided to throw her breakfast on the floor and it went on her slippers so I popped the slippers in the machine and I have to be honest, I have expected them to lose their shape, shrink or the grip at the bottom to come off, but I am pleased to say they came out just as they went in (only cleaner!). For £10 they are a good deal as they will last her a while and do their purpose. I would recommend them to any parent who has children of a similar age.
Tanya, Monstermummies.co.uk

When I received the Cozie Warmers Tozies through the post, they weren't quite what I expected - they were quite flat, and I had thought they would be more shoe shaped. They are made of a cosy fleece (ours is a nice navy fleece with white spots) that's furry on the outside. On the bottom are two non-slip patches, and they're fastened with Velcro. It was a couple of days before I could try them on Hamish, as I was working, but I soon had him wrapped in his dressing gown, and I tried on the Tozies. They go on like a shoe, then there are two flaps that fold over the top which fasten with Velcro.

It's a really good idea as the Velcro means that the Tozies can be adjusted to the individual child's foot. They come in different sizes anyway, but it's good to be able to make more specific sizing within that age bracket. I did wonder how Hamish would react to them. He's going through a phase of pulling his socks off, and is an expert at cruising the furniture, so I thought it would be interesting. He was actually fine with them, he spent a few moments exploring them, but after that he didn't even notice they were on! The non-slip patches work perfectly, we have a lot of laminate flooring downstairs, and we're able to walk him about on it with no problems.

With winter definitely on its way with us, I had been worried about keeping his little feet warm - socks and laminate don't work well together and the Tozies are perfect for the job. They keep his feet toastie warm while allowing him to do everything he wants to do without mishap (well, feet related mishap anyway). He's discovered the Velcro now, but he still can't get them off. They come in a large array of colours, and at £10 I'd say they were very good value for money. I'll be buying the next size up, that's for sure!
I recently got the chance to review the Baby Tozie Slippers by Cozie Warmers. Baby Tozie Slippers have been designed to stay on your babies feet.

They are made from a breathable fleece fabric that stretches to allow toes to spread and they offer maximum flexibility when your baby is kicking, crawling and even walking. The Baby Tozie Slippers range in sizes from premature through to 4 year olds.
Emma McP, Monstermummies.co.uk

I reviewed the Navy Dots Slipper/Shoes in a large (9-18 months). When they arrived I got them out of the packaging and was amazed by how soft they were and I could not wait to put them on to Toby. As I was putting the Tozies on Toby I noticed how easy they were to get on his feet, the elasticated ankle stretched enough to get them on without any fuss, they were easy to fasten using the velcro on the front of the slipper. On the bottom of the slippers there are two grips, which are non-slip, which were perfect when Toby was toddling across the tiles in our conservatory. When Toby had stopped toddling around in the slippers he sat down and instantly undid the velcro and pulled the slippers off one by one, I was a little disappointed given that these were designed out of frustration of other slippers not staying on, however what I have noticed in time is that Toby no longer tries to take the slippers off and wears them whenever we are at home.

With the cold weather that has descended on us the Baby Tozie Slippers have been great at keeping Toby's feet warm and the non-slip grips have prevented Toby from slipping when he is rushing across the conservatory floor. At £10.00 per pair the Baby Tozie Slippers are great value for money and I for one will be investing in another pair shortly.

I give the Baby Tozie Slippers 4/5 overall as I found Toby managed to get the slippers off quickly and also given he is only just turning 1 years old he will need the next size up very shortly despite being sized up to 18 months.
Hayley, Monstermummies.co.uk

I just ordered three newborn Pop-on Blankets.  I think they ae amazing and am going to give them as a present to some friends of mine who are having babies soon.  We've got one ourselves and are so happy with it!
Annaleida van de Meent-Schepers

I came across your website via Google as I was looking for suitable indoor footwear for my son, and the purchase I made is for his 2nd birthday (next week! ). I have already recommended your website to my friends/family and I'm sure I'll buy another gift for my son soon.
Excellent customer service,  keep up the great work! 
Dhrutee Johnson