Wheat Bags - FAQ's

What can wheat bags be used for?
Wheat bags offer natural pain relief for arthritis, rheumatism, muscle pain, back pain, cramps, sciatica, period and labour pain. Once heated in the microwave wheatbags stimulate the flow of blood to an area, bringing oxygen to the muscle which relaxes muscle spasms and relieves pain. They can also be used cold for treating sport injuries, bruises and headaches.

Wheatbags are also a brilliant way to keep you warm, in fact, they warm you up instantly! Much quicker and cheaper than turning up your central heating and heating the whole house. Wheat bags are also great for stress relief, comforting and for warming beds, cots and prams.

The advantages of Millet Seed filling.
Although wheat has been a popular filling for microwave heat packs for many years, millet seed is gaining in popularity because it is softer and has a more luxurious feel whilst retaining the heat for the same length of time. As it is softer, it follows the contours of your body more closely and therefore traps the heat closer to your skin. Often people who dislike the smell of wheat when it is heated prefer the smell of heated millet seed. Although a little more expensive than wheat filling the advantages are appealing.

Initial Heating of the Wheatbag
It is recommended that you heat a wheat bag 2 or 3 times before use, in order to dispel any excess moisture which has been absorbed by the wheat. Once this has been done, the wheat bag will hold the heat longer.

How long will the heat last?
They are generally heated in the microwave for between 1-3 minutes on high (depending on the size of wheatbag chosen and wattage on your microwave) and will hold the heat for at least an hour after which time, they will be warm. You can boost the heat at any time although a shorter heating time is required if still warm. If you take a wheat bag to bed, it will hold the heat for up to 3 hours and will never go cold like a hot water bottle. All styles mould to the contours of the body which allows the heat to penetrate quicker and deeper. As your body heat is absorbed by the wheat bag it stops it from going below body temperature.

We specialise in top quality wheat bags and therefore all styles (except economy and squidgits) have the wheat sectioned within the inner bag. This allows the heat to be evenly distributed and stops the wheat from travelling to one part of the bag which can cause weight problems. All styles (except economy and squidgits) also have hygienic washable covers with many fabric designs to choose from.

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